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Diabetes in the Lakelands Region

Abbeville County 13.2%
Edgefield County 10.4%
Greenwood County 11.1%
Laurens County 12.2%
McCormick County 14.8%
Newberry County 12.0%
Saluda County 12.2%
South Carolina 11.3%


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Types of Diabetes:
There are three types of diabetes:


Risk Factors for Diabetes:

Risk for developing diabetes increases if:


Diabetes Prevention:

Diabetes, even for those who have been identified as having "pre diabetes," can sometimes be prevented through lifestyle modification, including:


Symptoms of Diabetes:
A physician or healthcare provider should diagnose diabetes, but these are some symptoms to be aware of:

Diabetes Management:
Many of the same tips to manage diabetes apply to preventing diabetes, including:

Individuals with diabetes should also:

Diabetes can cause a tremendous amount of damage to an individual's body, including:

Resources Available From Self Regional Healthcare:
Community Classes: Free community classes are offered on a monthly basis and are facilitated by Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs). Each month features a different topic, with an afternoon and evening class time offered. To receive more information, call Diabetes Education at (864) 725-5007.

Screenings: Through the Self Regional Health Express, health screenings are offered around the Lakelands region, including diabetes screenings. To receive more information, call Prevention and Wellness at (864) 725-4164.

Speaker for Your Organization: Certified Diabetes Educators are available to visit your group to discuss diabetes prevention and management. To check the availability of a speaker for your group, call Diabetes Education at (864) 725-5007.

Consultations: Individuals may schedule one-on-one consultations with a certified diabetes educator, which is a healthcare service that may be covered by health insurance. To learn more, call Diabetes Education at (864) 725-5007.

Diabetes in the Lakelands Region:

Updated 11-14-2013.