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Self Regional Main (864) 725-4111
Patient Information (864) 725-4150
1325 Spring Street, Greenwood SC 29646
For patient rooms, dial 725-8 and the room number.
In case of emergency, dial 911.
For everything else, see Departmental Listing below.

Need help finding a doctor?

Need help finding a doctor? New to the area? Call (864) 725-5080. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to help you find the provider that’s right for you.

Self Regional Healthcare Information Directory

We want to provide our patients with the highest quality care.  Your feedback is important to us.  Please contact our patient representative with suggestions or concerns at (864) 725-5510.  We assure you we will use your feedback to improve the services we provide at Self Regional Healthcare.

You have the right to make complaints or grievances about your care or treatment.  This will not affect the quality of your care or your access to care at any time.  You may contact:

Self Regional Healthcare Administrative Team

Matthew Logan, M.D.

Matthew Logan, MD
President and CEO, Self Regional Healthcare

Priya Kumar, MD

Priya Kumar, MD
Chief Medical Officer & VP of Medical Affairs

Kendra Keeney

Kendra Keeney
Sr. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Timothy Evans

Timothy Evans
Sr. VP and Chief Financial Officer

David Isenhower

David Isenhower, MD
Chief Medical Informatics Officer

William B. Parris
Vice President & Chief Human Resource Office

Mark VanSwol, MD

Vice President of Primary Care Services

Hospital services Phone numbers
Billing Services (864) 725-7800
Cardiac Rehabilitation (864) 725-4730
Case Management (864) 725-4680
Emergency Care Center (864) 725-5722
Executive Offices (864) 725-4253
Express Medical Care (864) 725-5020
Foundation (864) 725-4256
Heart Center (864) 725-4776
Home Health Services (864) 725-7600
Human Resources (864) 725-4165
Imaging Center (864) 725-7150
Media Relations (864) 725-7091
Montgomery Center For Family Medicine (864) 725-4865
Oncology, Medical (864) 725-7100
Oncology, Radiation (864) 725-4741
Optimum Life Center (864) 725-7088
Outpatient Laboratory Services (864) 725-5090
Pain Management Center (864) 725-4095
Pastoral Care (864) 725-4158
Physician Recruitment (864) 725-5496
Physician Liason (864) 725-6058
Radiology Services (864) 725-4190
Women’s and Children’s Services (864) 725-6200
Departments not listed (864) 725-4111