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Vascular Surgery at Self Regional Number One in SC, Among Top 5% in US

GREENWOOD—The vascular surgery program at Self Regional Healthcare is rated number one in the state of South Carolina and among the nation’s top five percent based on a study conducted by the nation’s leading provider of independent hospital ratings.

HealthGrades has recognized Self Regional’s vascular surgery for its clinical quality excellence based on findings released this past fall. HealthGrades’ 2006 ratings represent data from the years 2002 through 2004, the most current information available. The records are risk-adjusted, meaning that hospitals taking sicker patients are compared on equal footing with other hospitals.
Self Regional was singled out for achieving five-star rating for its outcomes in vascular surgery, peripheral vascular bypass and carotid endarterectomy.  Peripheral vascular bypass involves bypassing a blockage in the leg’s main artery to save the limb from amputation, while carotid endarterectomy is the surgical removal of plaque from the neck’s main artery to prevent strokes.

A five-star rating indicates the hospital and surgeons have achieved better-than-expected mortality or complication rates for that particular procedure.

The star ratings are based on an analysis of tens of millions of patient records over a three-year period that hospitals submit to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as well as state governments.  The records come from all 50 states and represent almost 5,000 hospitals.

HealthGrades recognized Self Regional’s vascular surgery for:

Dr. Richard Hobson, Dr. Jeffrey Lanford and Dr. Tod Hanover of Greenwood Surgical Associates and Carolina Vascular Institute perform these services at Self Regional Healthcare.
“Vascular surgery is a team effort, and we greatly appreciate all of the nurses, physicians, technicians and other health providers who helped make this outstanding accomplishment possible,” noted Dr. Hobson, the senior partner of the group. “It’s all about quality care, and making certain our patients receive the very best vascular care possible is our goal year in and year out. We join other members of our vascular team in taking great pride over this HealthGrades achievement.”