About Self

Self Regional Healthcare Health Express mobile unit for providing community wellness around 7 countiesThe Health Express is coming to you!

The Self Regional Health Express is part of a community health outreach initiative designed to improve the health and well being of residents of the seven-county region of Upstate South Carolina.

Look for the 42-foot Health Express at these locations as we bring health screenings and education to communities in the Lakelands area.

If your business, church, school, or community organization would like more information about Health Express services, or would like us to come to your place of business or community event, please contact us today: Selynto Anderson, M.Ed., Community Prevention and Wellness Services Manager, (864) 725-4164 or sanderson@selfregional.org

Health Express Schedule April 2016

April 4 Community Screening | Plead Center *9am-12pm
April 6 Health Education/Screenings | Fukoku 7am-Noon
April 8 Walk-a-thon/Health Express | Springfield Elementary 12pm-2pm
April 13 Health Education/Screenings | Fukoku 1pm-6pm
April 15 Heart and Dental Health | Matthews Elementary 8am-2pm
April 27 Health Education/Screenings | Fukoku 1pm-6pm
April 19 Heart Health & Scrub Club | Lakeview Elementary 10am-2pm
April 20 Health Education/Screenings | Fukoku 7am-12pm
April 21 Uptown Market Grand Opening | *4:30pm-8pm
April 27 Health Education/Screenings | Fukoku 1pm-6pm
April 30 Healthy Kids Day | YMCA Laurens *10am-12pm

* denotes events that are open to the public.

View or download the complete list of upcoming events.

Community Prevention and Wellness
Look for Self Regional's Prevention and Wellness team at these locations for additional screenings and health education opportunities.

April 5 Cholesterol Screenings | Wellness Works 8am-11am (Please call 725-6048 for appointment)*
April 6 National Walking Day-SRH Employees | Nisbet Center 7am-5pm
April 10 Health Screenings/Education | Mt. Olive Baptist Church *8am-12pm
April 14 Screening/Education | Meg's House 9am-12pm
April 27 Health Education | Greenwood Mall-SC Works Job Fair *10 am-2pm

* denotes events that are open to the public.