Community Health Committee Funding

Apply for funding to help us achieve a healthier community — together.

The Self Regional Community Health Committee meets quarterly to discuss funding proposals from nonprofit organizations within our 7 county service area.

The investment proposals under consideration by the Self Regional Community Health Committee (CHC) shall contribute to achievement of one or more of the following goals:

  1. Increase the treatment, prevention and/or early detection of diseases and conditions that affect significant portions of Self Regional’s service area.
  2. Proactively promote healthy lifestyles and reduce the conditions resulting from unhealthy lifestyles such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco use, teen pregnancy, child abuse / neglect, etc.
  3.  Address the Social Determinants of Health that affect our patients and communities based on SRH’s organizational efforts and its most recent Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

Please review our CHC Criteria for Funding. For more information, please call (864)725-5469.

***You may save and come back to your application using the button at the bottom of the application page. If you require this function, please wait to attach your documents until you are ready to submit the application, as it will not save attachments.***

Funding Request Timelines

Request should be made 90 days prior to anticipated funding.

Application Due Dates:
January 1st for April Funding Meeting
April 1st for July Funding Meeting
July 1st for October Funding Meeting
October 1st for January Funding Meeting

Community Health Funding Application

This form enables non-profit organizations to apply for Community Health project funding through the Self Regional Community Health Committee. Revised January 2022.

Funding Request Application Checklist

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