Directions to Self Regional Medical Center from Charlotte via I-77 / Chester.
This route is about 125 miles from downtown Charlotte.

  • Head south from Charlotte on I-77 to Chester.
  • Approximately 36 miles from Charlotte, take Exit #65 / Hwy 9 – Chester.
  • Turn right after exit and drive about nine miles to Chester.
  • At the first red light, turn left in order to stay on Hwy 9 (where a sign points to Whitmire).
  • After about two miles, turn left at red light on to Highway 72 South. (A BP Station is on the right across intersection).
  • Drive toward Whitmire.
  • You’ll pass through Carlisle after about 15 miles. (Carlisle is midway between Charlotte and Greenwood).
  • Stay on Highway 72 headed to Whitmire.
  • When the road becomes four lanes, keep in the right lane.
  • In Whitmire the four lanes split; take the right fork to stay on Highway 72.
  • At the stop sign, turn right to stay on Highway 72 and head toward Clinton (which is about 18 miles).
  • You will cross over I-26 just before you get to Clinton.
  • After I-26, take turn left at the first red light on to Highway 72/56 truck route. (Don’t go straight, which is 72 business.)
  • Follow the 72/56 truck route around Clinton.
  • Go past the intersection where 56 splits off from 72
  • Turn left at the next intersection to stay on 72 West; a sign will point left to Greenwood.
  • Highway 72 will pass through the villages of Mountville and Clarks Hill and then pass over Lake Greenwood.
  • As you enter Greenwood, you’ll pass several manufacturing plants and the Civic Center (on the left).
  • After two minor red lights, you will turn left at the next red light in order to stay on Highway 221.
  • You will go through two red lights and then turn right at the third light on to Marshall Road.
  • Stay on Marshall Road as it crosses South Main Street.
  • The hospital is two blocks on the right. Taking a right the next light will lead to the visitor parking lot.