Self Regional Healthcare’s future viability and success are dependent on our commitment to maintain high ethical standards and strict legal compliance in all aspects of our patient care and business relationships. It is also important for our patients, employees and business partners to know that they are associated with an ethical and legally compliant healthcare organization.

As a condition of employment, affiliation or association with Self Regional Healthcare, it is our expectation that all board members, physicians, employees, vendors, independent contractors and volunteers will be aware of and follow all organization-wide policies as well as those that apply directly to their functions. Self Regional Healthcare’s Privacy Policy details our commitment to our patients’ rights and the confidentiality of their health information, while the Code of Conduct explains our dedication to legal and ethical standards and practices.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Corporate Compliance and Integrity Code of Conduct (PDF) 

Prevention, detection and reporting of fraud, waste and abuse in federal healthcare programs (PDF)