Health Focused – Tobacco Free

Self Regional Healthcare is proud to be tobacco free, and we stand by our efforts to provide and maintain a healthier environment for the communities we serve.

“As the largest, most advanced and most comprehensive healthcare provider for a population base of 250,000, Self Regional Healthcare has a responsibility to serve as a role model for the citizens of Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry and Saluda Counties,” said Self Regional Healthcare President and CEO M. John Heydel on February  14, 2006, in a special announcement. “With this in mind, today we are announcing our entire hospital campus will become tobacco-free …”

“To allow the continued use of tobacco on our campus would be inconsistent with this organization’s mission—improving health by bringing advanced care closer to home. Our vision at Self Regional Healthcare is to create a healthier community, and the current use of tobacco on our campus only clouds this goal. We are not only to care for the sick, but also to promote the health and well-being of our patients, visitors, staff, physicians and volunteers,” Heydel said.

What is a tobacco-free campus?
Self Regional Healthcare’s tobacco-free campus prohibits smoking or the use of any kind of tobacco product at any facility operated by Self Regional Healthcare. This policy applies to all patients, visitors, employees and contracted staff of Self Regional Healthcare and is applicable for all properties where there are SRH services (clinical and non clinical) including all properties where SRH services are provided. This includes all sidewalks and employee/ visitor parking areas.

For people experiencing cravings or signs/symptoms of withdrawal while visiting our campus, nicotine gum is available for purchase in our Gift Shop located on the first floor.

For information regarding our Tobacco Free Campus, please contact our Tobacco Free Campus Committee facilitator at (864) 725-5026.

Inpatient tobacco cessation education
All tobacco users admitted to Self Regional Healthcare will be offered counseling, which includes a plan to help them prepare for a successful quit attempt. Along with counseling, nicotine replacement therapies will be ordered as needed for patient use. Patients will be provided education and information on area tobacco-cessation classes, as well as Internet resources and access to South Carolina’s 24-hour Quit Line.

For information about our Inpatient Tobacco Cessation Program, please contact our Inpatient Tobacco Cessation educator at (864) 725-4975.