Volunteer Services

Open yourself to a wonderful new side of life where the simplest acts bring the greatest joy to yourself and others. Delivering flowers to a new mother. Serving in our gift shop. Fluffing the pillow of an elderly patient. Providing directions to guests. Assisting a hospital staff member in a number of ways. By becoming a volunteer at Self Regional Healthcare, you open yourself to these new challenges and more. The Volunteer Services Department is committed to complementary support of the work of hospital staff and to the exceptional service of the hospital and its patients, while ensuring volunteers receive meaningful service and the opportunity for personal development.

Student Volunteers
for Summer

The hospital has so many areas where you can use your talents and work directly with patients and their families, visitors or our staff. Before getting started, you will meet with a member of our Volunteer Services Department to discuss your personal interests and current openings. No matter how much time you have to give, Self Regional has a place for you. Volunteer opportunities are available during daytime, evenings and weekends. You can commit to as many hours as you like.

The volunteer program has been in operation for more than 35 years. Today, more than a hundred men, women and young adults volunteer on a regular basis, assisting with non-clinical duties. Our volunteers come from many different and interesting backgrounds. Some are retirees looking for meaningful part-time activities. Others are professionals who want to give back to the community. We even have high school and college students who want to help and get valuable experience for a future career. If you have time and compassion, are flexible and dependable, and have a sense of humor, you might be the right candidate.

Volunteers are an extremely important part of hospital operations. They do more than the traditional jobs of a volunteer. Today’s volunteers are better educated and more active. As a volunteer, you’ll find that even the smallest acts of kindness are rewarded with a smile, a word of thanks or a handshake. There’s also a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from helping others. You’ll find the more time you spend with us, the more friends you’ll make among the staff, your fellow volunteers, and those we serve.

You will receive other valuable benefits, including a free annual checkup, a flu vaccination and discounts at Wellness Works, Self Regional’s health and fitness center. You also will have the opportunity to join our Federal Credit Union. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, contact the volunteer office at (864) 725-4177.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Ambulatory Care Center Nurses Station
Perform general duties for patients such as answering call bells, taking juice to patients and performing clerical and general duties to allow the clinical staff more time to serve patients.

Diabetic Teaching
Perform clerical duties such as filing and computer entry of patient information.

Assist staff in directing and escorting patients and visitors through the hospital to their destination.

Emergency Room
Escort patients to their rooms and testing areas, run errands, etc. Serve as liaison between visitors and patient and family.

Assist with receptionist desk duties.

Environmental Services
Transitional Volunteers –School-to-work program.

Gift Shop
Serve as salesperson, mark new merchandise, dust and integrate new merchandise.

Cheer Cart (Gift Shop)
Set up Cheer Cart with merchandise/snacks for sale to all areas of the facility.

Home Health
Assist with record keeping and cleaning equipment.

Montgomery Center Clerical
Complete clerical duties as needed by receptionist such as filing, making copies, faxing, etc.

Montgomery Center Translator
Perform some clerical duties and assist translator.

Intensive Care Waiting Room
Assist families of patients by offering comfort in times of crisis, answering the telephone, relaying messages and directing visitors.

Acute Rehab / Spine & Joint Center
Supervise patient activities, assist therapist when preparing for treatments, organize materials and keep the unit orderly. Assist patients in getting to and from the therapy location for treatment.

Outpatient Chemotherapy
Assist nurses by running errands, dismissing patients and entering information into the computer.

Outpatient Testing Office
Create charts and patient packets, run errands and escort patients to pre-surgery testing as needed.

Patient Information Desk/ Flower Delivery
Direct visitors and phone calls to patient rooms, direct patients/visitors to various locations in hospital and record flowers as they come in and deliver to patients.

Pharmacy Stocking
Unpack, inventory, label, integrate and deliver medical supplies to service areas throughout the hospital.

Pharmacy Out-Patient area for prescriptions
Assist in operation of cash register and the selling of over-the-counter medications.

Surgical Waiting Room
Serve as a liaison between surgery and the patient’s family by keeping family members informed about patient’s wellbeing and serve as receptionist for area as needed.

Savannah Lakes
Clerical duties, computer entry, record keeping and cleaning equipment as needed.

Wellness Works
Welcome customers, clean equipment, record keeping and computer input as needed.

Pain Clinic
Create charts and patient packets, run errands, file and pull patient charts.

Patient Liaison
Visit with new patients to assist patient representative and work to improve customer satisfaction. Seek to understand the needs of patients and their families and document specific needs.

Self Medical Group Express Care
Serve as a receptionist for the registration desk and perform clerical duties.

Serve as hostess assistant and work with other hostesses and staff.

Volunteer Floaters
Perform various clerical duties for volunteer office and any other areas within the facility.