Centering Pregnancy group prenatal care
Prenatal care group

CenteringPregnancy® is group prenatal care bringing women due at the same time out of exam rooms and into a comfortable group setting.

Centering Gives You:

Centering Results with Better Outcomes and Reduced Risk

CenteringPregnancy® at Self Regional Healthcare combines health assessments, interactive learning, and community building in a group setting to give better outcomes for mothers and babies.


Your peer group will meet to discuss many different topics that are crucial when preparing for childbirth.

Through group discussion, you will learn about nutrition, breastfeeding, care and feeding of infants, labor and delivery and hospital procedure, and many more topics. Your visit will include a routine prenatal check-up with your provider at each session. Download the CenteringPregnancy® brochure.



With the peer group setting, expectant mothers meet others on the same journey to motherhood. They meet other pregnant women with due dates close to theirs and create bonds that can last a lifetime. The group is relaxed and fun. Everyone can share their questions, advice and experiences.



Each group visit lasts about 2 hours with your healthcare provider leading the session, resulting in 10x more time with your provider than women in traditional care. These sessions are scheduled in advance and make planning for work and childcare easier.



  • Reduce the risk of preterm birth
  • Feel better prepared for birth experience
  • Schedule all appointments in advance
  • Schedule life around visits, as you know exactly how long your group appointments will last
  • Avoid waiting room time
  • Avoid wasted time – groups begin and end on time
  • Meet with your same provider during every visit
  • Spend more time with your provider, 20 hours average verses 2.5 total hours in traditional prenatal care
  • Make new friendships with other mothers and share pregnancy experiences
  • Learn of useful resources and tools for yourself and baby through peer support
  • Feel empowered to take an active role in your care
  • Have a partner/support person attend group sessions
  • Receive comprehensive care in one location
  • Support each other after babies are born
  • Achieve better neonatal birth weights

CenteringPregnancy® at Self Regional Healthcare combines patient health assessments, interactive learning and community building in a group setting to give better outcomes for both mothers and babies.

“My doctor and nurse would lead the group on various topics, but it wasn’t like a class: it was discussion, a group of pregnant women together on a journey with health care providers investing in our well-being, our health, the health of our babies, and most importantly, giving us a safe environment to learn the facts that would get us to our goals.”
– CenteringPregnancy® Mom


Learn More and Get Started:

Centering group care delivers better health outcomes and a better care experience for patients and their providers. Centering empowers patients, strengthens patient-provider relationships and builds communities through three main components; health assessment, interactive learning and community building. To learn more about the Centering model, visit the CenteringPregnancy® Institute.

To learn more about our CenteringPregnancy® program, to schedule your initial visit or to speak to our OB Coordinator, call (864) 725-5100.

CenteringPregnancy® is located at the Montgomery Center for Family Medicine, 155 Academy Avenue, Greenwood, S.C.


CenteringPregnancy® is located within the Montgomery Center for Family Medicine and is conveniently located at 155 Academy Avenue, Greenwood, S.C.