Home Health Services provides skilled medical care in the comfort of home. It’s a convenient, cost-effective alternative to traditional inpatient hospital care and is provided under the supervision of a physician.

Our comprehensive services include skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, nursing assistants, social work,  occupational therapy and nutritional guidance. We also provide family support and education to keep loved ones involved in the care process. As a part of Self Regional Healthcare, Home Health Services provides access to advanced services, including remote telemonitoring of vital signs seven days a week, allowing clinicians to monitor patients even on days home visits are not made.

Serving Greenwood, Abbeville, Edgefield, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry and Saluda counties.

Skilled Nursing
Our professional registered nurses provide skilled services seven days a week according to physician instructions including:

  • Develops and implements the nursing care plan for the patient.
  • Provides nursing services, treatments and preventive procedures for the patient’s care and safety.
  • Observes signs and symptoms and reports reactions and treatments to the physician, including medicines and changes in the patient’s physical or emotional condition.
  • Teaches and councils the patient and family members about nursing care needs.
  • Supervises and trains other nursing service personnel.
  • Coordinates total patient care.
  • Provides an inclusive discharge summary for the physician.
  • Provides advanced nursing services, including I.V. therapy and remote daily telemonitoring of vital signs.

Physical Therapy
Registered physical therapists provide skilled care for patients with temporary or permanent disability or pain. Physical therapists plan and provide a range of services according to physician instructions including:

  • Evaluation and testing of joint mobility, strength, posture, gait, brace or artificial limb fit and function.
  • Strengthening exercises and mobility activities to help regain lost muscle control.
  • Treatment to decrease or relieve pain.
  • Evaluation and treatment of children with decreased mobility skills.
  • Teaching positioning, exercises, and transfers to patients and family members.
  • Providing rehab following orthopedic injuries, joint replacements and amputations.
  • Recommending assistive devices and equipment to maximize function and safety in the home.

Occupational Therapy
Our occupational therapists help patients learn skills to improve and restore their quality of life and gain independence with these services:

  • Provide treatment to restore muscle tone and ability to perform everyday activities.
  • Evaluate and establish goals to maximize independence in the home.
  • Guide and instruct patients in prescribed therapeutic self-care and creative activities that are directed toward improving independence and physical and mental functioning.
  • Teach family members how to participate in and continue the treatment process.
  • Home management of neurological, cardiac and orthopedic symptoms.

Speech Therapy
The certified speech pathologist evaluates, plans and implements these treatment programs for communication disorders:

  • Evaluates the patient for expressive and receptive language disorders.
  • Plans and provides a comprehensive speech therapy program for the patient and assists the family with training and techniques.
  • Treats swallowing disorders.

Medical Social Services
Our social workers provide people with skills and support in addressing challenges they face. Rehabilitative and supportive casework helps patients reach a higher level of independence with these available services:

  • Assessing and enhancing the ability to address medical, emotional and environmental issues.
  • Helping patients and family members obtain services needed for rehabilitation.
  • Assisting with changes in living arrangements when necessary.
  • Utilizing health, welfare and community resources to support patients in returning to life in the community.

Home Health Aides
Our home health aides are trained to provide personal care and related services. All home health aides are trained in the agency’s in-service program under the direction of our nursing and paramedical staff and have at least one year of patient care experience.

Home health aides are experienced in:

  • Helping the patient with personal hygiene.
  • Assisting patients in moving around the home.
  • Helping maintain a healthful, safe environment.
  • Assisting with certain treatments when ordered by a physician and approved and supervised by the nurse or therapist.
  • Reporting any changes in the patient’s mental or physical condition to the supervising nurse.

Home Health Services also offers high-tech home telemonitoring Patients are clinically managed seven days a week in addition to scheduled visits. This can give patients and family members a sense of security knowing that a nurse is assessing them daily.


To contact Health Home Services or make a referral, call (864) 725-7600. The mailing address for Home Health Services is 1325 Spring Street, Greenwood, S.C. 29646.