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All of your imaging needs can be performed with the latest equipment and in one location. Our state-of-the-art, 13,200-square-foot center offers advanced features aimed to provide comfort and convenience. Key features of the center include MRI and PET-CT scanning.

The center also features the Fuji Medical Imaging Center for Women. This area is designed to provide women a high level of privacy and comfort for their specific needs.

Fuji Medical Imaging Center
This center, made possible by a grant from FujiFilm of Greenwood, offers advanced technology to aid in the early detection of tumors and other abnormalities in breast tissue. The center’s ICAD technology is the most advanced system available to assist physicians in the early detection of breast tumors, allowing doctors to detect up to 20 percent more cancers.

In addition to a separate lounge area for women and private dressing areas, the center is equipped with the following:

  • Three mammography units, including two digital units that allow higher imaging quality and image manipulation following the scan.
  • A stereotactic breast unit, which allows for minimally invasive outpatient breast biopsies.
  • Two ultrasound units, which create images of structures inside the body using intense sound waves.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

PET-CT scanning
A PET-CT exam not only helps your physician diagnose a problem, it also helps predict the likely outcome of various therapeutic alternatives, pinpoint the best approach to treatment and monitor your progress. PET-CT combines the functional information from a positron emission tomography (PET) exam with the anatomical information from a computed tomography (CT) exam into one single exam. A PET scan detects changes in cellular function and can enable your physician to make an early diagnosis. A CT scan uses a combination of X-rays and computers to give the radiologist a noninvasive way to see inside your body. The CT unit uses the X-ray equipment to obtain images from different angles. A computer assembles the images to form three-dimensional images of structures inside the body.

Bone Densitometry Unit
These devices provide painless detection of osteoporosis in early stages of the disease.

Digital fluoroscopy rooms
Fluouroscopy is a form of diagnostic radiology that enables the radiologist, with the aid of a contrast agent, to visualize organs or areas of concern via X-ray. The contrast agent allows the image to be viewed clearly on a television monitor or screen.

Radiographic rooms
Chest and routine X-rays are performed in these private rooms.

Fuji computed radiology
This equipment converts traditional X-ray images from an analog to a digital format that allows for greater image detail and post-processing manipulation. This reduces the number of repeated X-rays needed and allows for electronic portability of files.

Picture Archiving Communications System (PACS)
The center uses computers that store, retrieve, and distribute medical images in a safe and secure manner.

Procedures performed at the Imaging Center require a referral from a physician. If you do not have a family doctor, visit our physician directory to search for one.