Outpatient Intravenous Treatment Center

The center provides medication services, blood and blood products on an outpatient basis. Learn more.

Ambulatory Care Center

From pre-op to post-op, our specially trained, highly skilled staff can assist with any type of same-day outpatient surgery. Learn more.

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Our team of healthcare professionals provides constant care and close monitoring for patients in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Learn more.

Pain Management Center

Pain doesn’t have to dictate how you live your life. Our caring and attentive doctors and staff work together to isolate the causes of pain and treat the symptoms so you can focus on enjoying the things that matter most to you. Learn more.

Pediatric Unit

The Pediatric Unit at Self Regional Medical Center offers support, understanding and attention as we strive to ensure every patient receives very good care. Learn more.

Home Health Services

Providing a variety of specially tailored personal health and assisted living services, Home Health Services is offered anywhere the patient lives, including the home, nursing home or residential care facility. Our comprehensive services include skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, nursing assistants, social work, occupational therapy and nutritional guidance. Learn more.

Imaging Center

This state-of-the-art center offers a number of advanced features for the comfort and convenience of patients. It has advanced imaging services you won’t find anywhere else in the Lakelands region, including MRI, PET-CT scanning and the Fuji Medical Imaging Center for Women. Learn more.

Endoscopy Lab

Self Regional’s endoscopy program is five-star rated and provides therapeutic and diagnostic services. Learn more.

Sleep Disorder Center

Have difficulty sleeping? You are not alone. Millions of Americans have the same problem. Find out how Self Regional can help. Learn more.