Our Health Information Management department is currently closed to the public; however, we are continuing to provide all of our release of information services Monday – Friday 8:30-5pm, excluding holidays.  Medical records are confidential and available only to people authorized to access them.  To obtain records:


Print out and complete an authorization form (here) and return it by e-mail to selfregionalrequests@mrocorp.com or by fax (864-725-6016) or by mail to:

Health Information Management
Attn: MRO
104 Wells Avenue
Greenwood, SC 29646

You may also access your medical records online through MyChart, a secure online portal.  MyChart is password protected and delivered via an encrypted connection so all information is safe from unauthorized access.  If you do not have an account, you may sign up for one following the prompts provided.  Please note that, for the safety and security of you and your medical information,  the information you provide must match exactly to what is currently on file with us.

If you have a MyChart account but need additional medical records beyond the results you currently see, you may request that they be uploaded to your account by selecting Messaging / Message Center / Ask a Question / Customer Service Question.  If the information you need is prior to October 1, 2016 for an SMG practice or prior to February 3, 2018 for the hospital, please use the authorization above.

For information on setting up a minor under the age of 12, please contact your doctor’s office about setting up proxy access.



To follow up on the status of a patient request, please call 864-725-5027.

To follow up on the status of a request made by an attorney, insurance company or 3rd party requester, please call MRO at 610-994-7500.



To have copies of your records sent to another physician or practice, please contact Health Information Management at 864-725-5041 and provide the practice or physician’s name and fax number along with the information to be sent.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I need a copy of my COVID-19 test results sent to a school and/or employer. What information needs to be on the form to have this sent?

Answer: Please write the name or entity records are to be released to on line item number 5. Be sure to include mailing address, fax number, or email.

I don’t know the specific date of when I was seen at Self Regional or a Self Medical Group practice. What should I put on my request? 

Answer: On line item number 3 on the authorization form, please put as much information as you have in the “Other” Section. If there are questions about your request submission, we will call the number listed on the authorization form to clarify.

How long will it take to process my medical record request?

Answer: We make every effort to respond to all requests as quickly as possible. The time to complete each request will vary, but please allow at least three consecutive business days for request completion.

Can a family member or other designated person request copies of my medical record for me?

Answer: You can authorize on the written request that another person can receive your records (line item #5).

What is required to obtain a deceased patient’s records? 

Answer: A signed authorization form is needed from the personal representative of the deceased as well as a Certificate of Appointment from Probate Court naming this person as the personal representative/special administrator. A copy of a fully executed will can be given in place of probate document.

How can I obtain my radiology images? 

Answer: Please call 864-725-4190

I am having issues with MyChart, the patient portal. Can you fix it for me? 

Answer: If you need assistance with MyChart, please call 864-725-2737.

Is Health Information Management able to discuss billing information with me? 

Answer: No. Please contact the Patient Financial Services department at 864-725-7800.