Directions to Self Regional Medical Center from Atlanta via I-85 from Atlanta through Anderson and Abbeville.
This route is about 165 miles.

  • Take I-85 North out of Atlanta.
  • After you enter South Carolina, take Exit 11 / Highway 24.
  • Turn right on to Hwy 24 and follow the signs to Anderson, S.C.
  • In Anderson, turn right on to Hwy 28 Bypass (there is a Burger King on left at the red light).
  • Follow the 28 Bypass until it ends at the intersection with Highway 28 business.
  • Turn right on Hwy 28 and follow signs to Abbeville, S.C.
  • Continue straight through downtown Abbeville (there is a lovely town square that you drive through).
  • The first red light after you pass through the town square should be Highway 72.
  • Turn left (East) on Highway 72 and follow signs to Greenwood (about 12 miles)
  • Stay on the four-lane Highway 72
  • At the second red light as you get into Greenwood, turn right (South) on Highway 225 Bypass.
  • At the third red light (which will be several miles), turn left on to West Alexander.
  • Continue on West Alexander and you will see the hospital on the left at the Spring Street intersection.
  • Turn left on Spring Street and park in the visitor’s lot.