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You don’t have to become a world traveler in your mission to find quality treatment for cancer. Self Regional Healthcare offers advanced cancer treatment close to home. State-of-the-art technologies are no longer reserved for select major medical centers. Self Regional has a powerful arsenal of weapons required by our patients and has put all of the elements in place for highly effective treatment.

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The Cancer Center has expert hematologist/medical oncologists who are at the forefront of treatment and research and are continually involved in clinical trials. These physicians provide our patients a wide range of hematology/medical oncology and chemotherapy services.

Our approach brings together highly trained physicians and staff, sophisticated technology and compassionate care. Our goal is to provide personalized treatment within the hospital’s Cancer Center. Self Regional is committed to advancing treatment for all patients in our seven-county area. We have invested in the resources needed to achieve that goal. From leading-edge radiation equipment to clinical trials for the latest cancer drugs, we offer our patients the opportunity to remain close to home while battling the disease.

Every month, a group of physicians, hospital management and hospital employees come together to evaluate the performance of the Cancer Center, which is certified by the American College of Surgeons. In addition to the services provided at the center, we offer and coordinate community wellness and screening programs, home health and community-based hospice programs.

The Cancer Center provides access to support groups that bring together people affected by cancer. Through these groups, patients can share their experiences and find comfort in shared understanding.

Through the Tumor Board and the Cancer Registry, Self Regional stays informed about the various aspects of cancer treatment and the latest recommendations for new and improved care.

Patients need to obtain a referral from a primary care physician or other physicians to receive cancer treatment services at Self Regional.

Simply knowing advanced cancer treatment is close to home can go a long way in providing patients an optimistic outlook that is part of their healing. We concentrate on fighting cancers that commonly occur among people in our area.

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