1325 Spring Street | Greenwood, SC 29646

Phone: (864) 725-4272 , Fax: (864) 725-4452

Office Hours:

Our hospitalists lead a team of nurses, physicians, case managers and social workers who work together to make a patient’s hospital stay comfortable while addressing medical and administrative needs.

Our Physicians:

Sundeep Dabra, M.D.
Chad Friel, D.O.
John Hendrix, M.D.
Rafael Lagleva, M.D.
Ashley McGee, M.D.
Ndidi Obadan, M.D.
Richard Oster, D.O.
Thomas Philip, M.D.
Francisco Polanco, M.D.
Austin Rampey, M.D.
Lhissa Santana, M.D.
Brent Schoen, M.D.
Bridgett Seagroves, M.D.
Scott Wachtel, M.D.