(Greenwood, S.C., April 3, 2020)  Self Regional Healthcare President and CEO, Jim Pfeiffer announced today that organization-wide staffing adjustments will be made to deal with the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Like every other healthcare system in the nation, we at Self Regional Healthcare continue to experience the significant financial impact of declining revenues resulting from this pandemic and the necessity to pause elective surgery and other services,” said Pfeiffer. “Just over the past couple weeks our revenue is down approximately 35%, and that trend is expected to continue in the near term.”
Though details about how the staffing adjustments will be implemented were not released, Pfeiffer indicated that it will be a team effort and applied throughout the organization, which services the seven counties of the Lakelands. “These measures will require the cooperation, patience, commitment and some sacrifice from the entire organization – administration members; physicians; directors, managers and supervisors; and front line staff as well. Leaders will be asked to take a quota of time off without pay and some team members from across the health system (both clinical and non-clinical) will be temporarily furloughed.”
Pfeiffer emphasized that these are not layoffs, “Layoffs are what we fervently want to avoid. Furloughs allow team members to maintain employment and benefits with no formal break in service. A furloughed team member is more easily recalled to duty, and also eligible to apply for expedited and enhanced unemployment benefits with the state.”