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We focus on providing the highest quality of care so that you can achieve the highest level of independence.

Edgefield County Healthcare’s mission, “To provide quality and appropriate care to all patients,” is the foundation of our patient centered approach to care. Our professional staff of physicians, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and dietitians work diligently with patients and families to help meet their medical, physical, social and psychological needs which may otherwise impact their recovery. Our Swing Bed Program will help minimize the stress and anxiety of rehabilitation and aid in the transition of going home following a long hospital stay, trauma, or surgery.

What does swing bed services mean?

This service allows you to get skilled care you may need to recuperate after an illness or surgery so that you may return to your optimal level of independence. Examples are physical therapy after orthopedic surgery such as joint replacements, hip fractures, amputations and stroke or cancer.

What will swing bed services cost me?

The Swing Bed Extended Stay program is paid for by Medicare and most Medicare advantage plans as long as the Medicare clinical necessity guidelines for skilled nursing care are met. Most Medicare supplements will pay any co-pays or deductibles if there are any. We will assist you in determining your financial responsibilities.

What to expect.

Our focus is to improve your functional, nutritional and medical condition. Our team will meet each week to evaluate your progress and treatment plan and begin making arrangements for equipment or services you will need upon discharge. Other benefits are:

  • Medical oversight
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Discharge planning
  • Private rooms with televisions and telephones
  • 24/7 nursing care

An extended hospital stay program for rehabilitation and transitional care Swing Bed Services

  • Short term rehabilitation such as physical therapy
  • Pulmonary/cardiac rehabilitation
  • Social services/activity therapy
  • Ancillary services (lab, imaging, respiratory therapy)
  • Discharge planning/case management
  • Hospice and respite care
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

Our goal is to make recuperation as comfortable as possible and provide a home away from home.

For more information, call (803) 637-9882.

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