Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is an intensive experiential educational program for those interested in developing their clinical skills. Key areas for learning include integrating theology into pastoral practice, formation as a religious leader, and self-reflection and knowledge. CPE can be an excellent tool for discernment, self-care and renewal. Self Regional Healthcare provides a great environment for CPE students to work in.

CPE programs within Self Regional Healthcare are rooted in a vision of care that arises from an understanding of human beings as whole persons within relationships to God, themselves, their families and the society in which they live. The CPE programs are designed to encourage personal growth in a professional ministry. Students have the opportunity to develop their resources for theological integration, pastoral reflection, pastoral formation and pastoral competence.

The Self Regional Healthcare CPE Center is accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education Inc.

Successful units of training are registered with ACPE. Some seminaries and faith groups also offer credit toward degrees or field education.

Educational Method

CPE is a method of theological education that examines care in an acute setting. The student begins by contracting with a supervisor for learning based on their individual goals. Individual supervision, small group discussion and interdisciplinary dialogue are major program resources. These resources assist students to deepen their appreciation of the human predicament and to recognize the resources for ministry that reside in their unique life histories, spiritual pilgrimages and ministry experience. The emphasis is on converting experience into learning. The peer-learning group contributes to enriched reflection upon pastoral experience and to that quality of community, which supports professional growth. In tum, this enriched reflection leads to the integration of person, pastoral role, belief and knowledge. CPE calls upon students to be with people in times of crisis and loss. They learn to assess the needs and resources people have for wholeness and well-being and to encourage healing and wholeness in themselves and those for whom they care.

CPE units offered

Level 1 and Level 2 CPE students are considered for this 11-week unit. The time commitment is 40 hours a week, including a weekly overnight on-call shift. This unit comprises 400 hours of educational components and clinical practice. Part-time extended CPE is also available for special circumstances.

Year-long CPE residency

This program provides advanced clinical training in care. This is a comprehensive, full-time program requires a full, 40-hour work week including a weekly overnight on-call shift. Prerequisites typically include completion of one unit of accredited CPE and a graduate theological degree or membership in a religious order. Ordination or pastoral experience is preferred, but not required. This program includes: four units of ACPE credit, a stipend and Paid Time Off (PTO). Single/ family health insurance is also available.

Application Procedure

An application will be considered when the following have been received:

  • Fully completed standard ACPE Application Form

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