To say that healthcare is changing is an understatement. It dominates our news and often it is part of our daily discussions with family, friends and neighbors. Many of these changes – like declining reimbursements from Medicare and insurance companies, and increased pressure from the healthcare reform law – have placed enormous financial strain on providers, especially community providers like Piedmont Health Group. All across the country, hospitals, outpatient facilities, and physicians are joining together to meet these challenges together and provide the best care they can to their patients in this new healthcare environment.

As a community with many providers and many people who work in healthcare, it is something that connects everyone in the Lakelands area, so when there is news like “Piedmont Health Group Joins Self Regional Healthcare,” it understandably raises many questions, and some concerns. In the coming months, as PHG becomes part of the Self Regional Healthcare organization, we want to be as transparent as possible with the communities we serve. To that end, we’ve created a list of questions and answers to help address concerns you may have. As we get more feedback from the community, this Q&A list will expand, so please check back to this page frequently for updates.

Read more about the new agreement in
the original article from April 6, 2015.

Q: How do I know if my doctor will be joining Self Regional Healthcare?

A: All Piedmont Health Group family practice and pediatric physicians are joining Self Medical Group, the physician practice division of Self Regional Healthcare. Neurologists Dr. Wayne Sida, Dr. Bret Warner, and Dr. Anthony Holt will remain in private practice as Piedmont Neurology, LLC, but all other Piedmont Health Group physicians are joining.

Q: Will my nurses and office staff be joining Self Regional as well?

A: It is expected that the vast majority of staff, clinical and support who are in good standing with PHG, will join Self Regional.

Q: What is the plan and timeline for this change?

A: The agreement between the two organizations was completed April 6. Employment and business transfers are projected to be complete by July 1 or shortly thereafter; and over the next 12 months office signage and business operations will gradually move to Self Medical Group. Patients will see no interruptions or changes in the quality of care and service they receive. Other than changes to logos and signage, the transition should be seamless to patients.

Q: Will doctors stay in the same practice they were in at Piedmont Health Group?

A: With the exception of the neurologists, at this time there are no plans to move doctors to other offices or practices.

Q: Will my insurance still be accepted, and are there any insurance-related changes happening that I should be aware of?

A: All insurance currently accepted at Piedmont Health Group will be accepted by Self Medical Group and Self Regional. In addition, all insurance plans which are accepted at Self Regional and Self Medical Group will be accepted by the physicians joining Self Medical Group.

Q: Will contact information for my practice change (phone, email, my account number)?

A: Some minor contact information may change over the next few months, such as email addresses, accounting information, etc. Patients will be given ample notification by mail and assistance in managing any of these changes.

Q: My doctor refers me to treatment in Greenville because that’s my preference. Will he or she now be required to refer me to Self Regional?

A: No. Self Regional offers the finest care available in our region, and we strive to be your healthcare provider of choice and hope you will allow us the opportunity to demonstrate how our integrated network of services can increase the quality of the healthcare you receive. But, as always, patient preference will continue to be honored when making referrals to specialty services.

Read more about the new agreement in the original article from April 6, 2015.