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Support Groups for Patients and Families, Spring 2012

Self Regional provides a variety of support groups led by treatment team members that meet regularly to help patients and families learn and cope with the challenges of their condition and journey through treatment. Your physician’s office has printed cards with the details about each support group or you can visit the hospital’s website at for information. If you do not find the type of support group you need, please contact Rosemary Bell, Director of Prevention and Wellness, at or (864) 725-4660.

Wellness Works for Kids
Programs encourage healthy eating and exercise in an effort to manage weight and prevent childhood obesity.
(864) 725-4665

Diabetes Education
Support group for people with diabetes.
(864) 725-5753

Self Directions
Heart & vascular health support group for survivors of strokes.
(864) 725-5762

Flow Together
Heart & vascular health support group for people with heart and vascular disease.
(864) 725-4739

Women in Pink
Support group for breast cancer survivors. (864) 725-5977

Man to Man Support Group
The American Cancer Society Support group for prostate cancer survivors and their spouses.

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