Self Regional Healthcare Announces Staffing Adjustments

“Like every other healthcare system in the nation, we at Self Regional Healthcare continue to experience the significant financial impact of declining revenues resulting from this pandemic and the necessity to pause elective surgery and other services,” said Pfeiffer. “Just over the past couple weeks our revenue is down approximately 35%, and that trend is expected to continue in the near term.”

Virtual Care Visits Available at Self Regional Practices

In order to minimize face-to-face contact and the risk of spreading the COVID-19 infection, we’ve now established Virtual Visits at all of our Self Regional Healthcare Physician Practice offices.

SRH Patient Tower

SRH adds Coronavirus phone screening and Drive-Through specimen collection

New Coronavirus phone screening line for Lakelands (864)725-4200 / Drive-Through specimen collection (by appointment only) / New visitor restrictions / Prevent the spread / Call ahead before going to doctor […]

Balm in Gilead

Self Regional Healthcare Grants Funds to Balm in Gilead Inc. Diabetes Prevention Programs

The donation from Self Regional Healthcare’s Community Health Committee will be used to help implement these diabetes prevention programs throughout local churches in McCormick, Edgefield, Abbeville, Saluda, Newberry, and Laurens counties, supporting the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes.

Trailblazer Award

Self Regional Healthcare Part of Regional System Award Recognizing Care for Heart Attacks

Optimal care for heart attack patients takes coordination at the individual hospital, EMS and system level – so the American Heart Association has identified Self Regional Healthcare as a participant in the Mission: Lifeline South Carolina Region and bestowed the Mission: Lifeline STEMI Regional Trailblazer award.

Self Regional Healthcare Among Nation’s Top Performing Hospitals for Treatment of Heart Attack Patients

To receive the Chest Pain-MI Registry Platinum Performance Achievement Award, Self Regional has demonstrated sustained achievement in the Chest Pain-MI Registry for eight consecutive quarters and has performed at the top level of standards for specific performance measures.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Self Regional Healthcare’s Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program Receives Certification from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

To earn accreditation, the Optimum Life Center’s Rehabilitation Program participated in an application process that requires extensive documentation of the program’s practices.

Self Regional Healthcare Celebrates Cancer Survivors with Annual Event

Survivors were connected through shared inspiration, highlighting the day’s purpose of celebration.

Self Regional Healthcare Cancer Center Offers Event Targeted for Breast Health and Early Detection

The event featured several presentations covering key topics regarding breast cancer and breast health.

Self Regional Healthcare

Do You Know Where Your Workers’ Compensation Costs Are Going?

On July 25, the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation’s Business & Industry Committee will hold its third annual Business Leader Luncheon at the Inn On The Square.