Self Regional Healthcare Deploys Latest UV-C Disinfection Technology

One R-Zero Vive device is now active at Self Regional Medical Center to disinfect patient rooms and areas using UV-C technology to neutralize 99.99% of harmful airborne microorganisms, protecting team members, patients and visitors.

Self Regional Healthcare Hosts Mass Casualty Drill with Community Partners

Mass casualty incidents affect communities and hospitals without warning, overwhelming resources and personnel. This training is essential for emergency services to assess our strengths and weaknesses and develop trust and communication with our hospitals.

May 2023 DAISY & BEE Award Winners

Award recipients are nominated by patients, families and colleagues, and are then selected by a committee of nurses at Self Regional.

Community Initiatives, Inc. and GGUM Receive Funding from Self Regional Healthcare

The Self Regional Healthcare Community Health Committee meets regularly with the goal to improve health prevention and wellness for the residents of the community.

SRH Family Residency Program Scores Ranked Among Top 5 in Nation

The national five-year average score at 537, which means that out of the 748 Family Medicine Residency Programs in the US, our scores put us among the top 5 in the nation. In fact, we are tied for 3rd place in the country. 

Self Regional Healthcare sends 2 Nurses to NURSECON AT SEA

Nursecon is deemed the “Ultimate app for nurses,” and is an innovative platform that brings nurses together to connect, bond and grow while completing free CNE courses. 

Matthew Logan, M.D.

Self Regional Leaders chosen for Riley Institute’s Diversity Leadership Initiative

Forty-one demographically diverse leaders from all over the state were chosen to take part in the program that will provide them with new perspectives and resource tools to improve organizational outcomes and create social and economic progress in their communities.

Self Regional Healthcare Receives Zero Harm Award

The award began as an idea between the SCHA and SC DHEC for hospitals in the state to
achieve “zero harm,” or, going long periods of time without hospital-acquired
infections in common areas, which some estimate is the third leading cause of death
in the US.

Grand Opening Held for Lander’s Self Regional Healthcare Nursing Skills Simulation Center

The building formerly known as the American Legion has a new name- Lander’s Self Regional Healthcare Nursing Skills Simulation Center (NSSC). The two long-affiliated organizations hosted a grand opening of the NSSC on Tuesday, Nov. 22, marking a new milestone in their years-long relationship.

Self Regional Healthcare Board Appoints Three New Members

Self Regional Healthcare’s Board of Trustees has welcomed three new members. Jerry Stevens, SVP and Market President for First Citizens Bank; S. Lindsey Clarke, MD, Self Regional Healthcare, Family Medicine Provider; and Vinetta Goodwin Witt, Ph.D., Newberry College, Chair of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department, retired, were appointed by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster to serve a six-year term on the board.