Self Regional Healthcare Research Center specializes in phase I, II and IV clinical trials.

Our team includes 4 physicians, 2 mid-level providers and 4 research coordinators that will assist you throughout treatment and research visits.

Clinical trials give patients access to new drugs or devices that may help them more adequately than current available treatments.

Patients work with the research physicians and staff to optimize their care, to discover which treatment option is best suited for their individualized care plan.

Please contact our office if you have additional questions or would like to see if you are eligible for any of our current trials.

Phone: 864-943-2416

Fax: 864-725-1906

Office Hours: M-F 8 AM to 5 PM

Hours and Locations:
M-F 8 AM to 5 PM


FHC North Greenwood
3410 Cokesbury Road
Hodges, SC 29653

Advanced Cardiology Associates
421 Epting Avenue
Greenwood, SC 29646

Self Regional Healthcare
1325 Spring Street
Greenwood, SC 29646

Physicians: Priya Kumar, MD, David Riley, MD, Rollo Villareal, MD and Dennis Murphy, MD

PA’s/NP’s – Rachael Case, NP, Kenneth Murphy, PA