(Greenwood, SC, November 28, 2022) The building formerly known as the American Legion has a new name- Lander’s Self Regional Healthcare Nursing Skills Simulation Center (NSSC). The two long-affiliated organizations hosted a grand opening of the NSSC on Tuesday, Nov. 22, marking a new milestone in their years-long relationship.

During the event, remarks were given by Lander University’s President, Dr. Richard E. Cosentino, as well as Self Regional Healthcare’s President and CEO, Dr. Matt Logan, and Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer, Carol Stefaniak.

South Carolina Representative John McCravy and Senator Billy Garrett attended the event and presented both organizations with a resolution from Greenwood County Legislative Delegation. It remarked the ways the NSSC will contribute to greater clinical training for future Healthcare workers.

The NSSC officially opened in January of 2022 and boasts a plethora of advanced training resources, including four teaching-learning student labs, 3 practice labs and virtual bedside simulation computers.

Self Regional presented an endowment to Lander earlier this year in the form of the Self Regional Scholars Program, a gift given with the goal of addressing the national nursing shortage by giving Lander nursing students a path to their own career at Self Regional. The program provides 15 high-performing junior nursing students with scholarships. Once seniors, the Self Scholars will be accepted into Self Regional’s externship program.

“Our commitment from Self Regional to the nursing students at Lander University is that we will be a place where you will feel at home,” said Dr. Matt Logan, president and CEO of Self Regional Healthcare, adding that one of the major goals of Self Regional is “to be the best place in our area that you can get care.”