The Cancer Support Group at Self Regional Healthcare is dedicated to the physical and mental well-being of patients, families, and friends affected by all forms of cancer. We currently offer a support group for female cancer survivors:

Between Friends
Women facing cancer together.
Third Tuesday of every month
5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Self Regional Cancer Center – Learning Center
Contact: Katie Davis at (864) 725-5977

We can make a difference.
The Cancer Support Group assists members by providing these important components of care:

  • Emotional support from a caring group that offers healthy communication and effective networking in times of stress and need.
  • Educational forums that sponsor qualified speakers such as therapists, oncology nurses, dietitians, and other experts who are experienced in issues related to cancer.
  • Informal sessions where members share their concerns, experiences, and successes over the mental and physical challenges of cancer, including the side effects of treatment.
  • A focus on coping and improving the quality of life as much as possible.
  • Hope for victory and having survivorship as the ultimate goal.
  • A partner in the search for wellness.

How we help.
The Cancer Support Group helps people affected by cancer in a number of ways:
Helping people cope with day-to-day issues that arise when living with cancer.

  • Generating hope and determination.
  • Allowing for expression of feelings in a healthy way.
  • Providing a place where fears can be addressed.
  • Helping people mobilize their resources against the disease.
  • Encouraging people to regain their fighting spirit.

You are not alone.
The Cancer Support Group can benefit patients and families by helping reduce their stress, improving their outlook, and helping them overcome feelings of isolation. Talking with others with similar problems makes people aware they are not alone.

You are welcome.
Any person with cancer or who has had cancer in the past is welcome to join our group and be a part of our fellowship and sharing. In addition, family members, friends, and loved ones are encouraged to participate and learn from the experience of others facing similar challenges. The Cancer Support Group addresses the concerns, issues, and problems of every person whose life is affected by cancer.

Your questions and interest are welcome. Please call (864) 725-5977 to learn more about the Cancer Support Group of Self Regional Healthcare.