COVID-19 Update 03/25/2020

We ask everyone in the community to be vigilant about social distancing and hand hygiene, and we hope that you will encourage the same among your friends and family members. These practices will save lives. For the best and most up-to-date guidance about how to prepare for COVID-19, we recommend the CDC website:

As many of you may have seen on television or the internet, South Carolina Governor, Henry McMaster reiterated this message in his press conference Monday. In that address he asked all South Carolinians to practice social distancing and ordered law enforcement to begin dispersing gatherings of three or more people.

Also Monday, SCDHEC announced 103 new cases of COVID-19, bringing South Carolina’s total to 298. And 5 people have died from the virus in the state.

With these increasing numbers, it is likely that Self Regional and other hospitals in our region will see a surge of patients with respiratory illness in the coming weeks. Our Incident Command team is working diligently to prepare for this and we ask the cooperation of the entire community as we prepare. We recognize that some of the necessary precautions will create hardships (visitor restrictions, for example) but, we believe that in the long run, these sacrifices will keep the community safer.

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